iFlex Franchise

Our Team

Derrick Colter

Hey everyone my name is Derrick Colter I am the new Stretch manager here at iflex stretch studios and I couldn’t be more excited to join the team. I was born and raised in Arizona in the East valley. I attended Apollo college in 2008 and through them I became a certified Physical therapy technician/Chiropractic Assistant. I worked in the chiropractic field for 10 plus years where my main job was rehabilitation therapy showing and doing one on one exercises and assisted stretching for all our patients and helping get them out of pain and improve the quality of their life. Stretching is a great way to not only increase your range of motion and flexibility and also decrease pain in most cases and if you’re an active young athlete or a weekend warrior, stretching can also decrease the chances of having soft tissue injuries as well. I’m looking to do the same for our clients here at Iflex stretch studios. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Katie Maldanado

“Hi everyone,
My name is Katie Maldonaldo. I’m originally from Seattle, WA but moved down here almost 2 years ago. I went to Northern Arizona University for my Bachelors in Public Health with a minor in Biology before returning to school to pursue massage therapy. I am now a licensed massage therapist with a focus on sports therapy and am super excited to join the iFlex team. My goal for each client is to improve the quality of life through mobility and movement. 

Lauren Williams

Hi, my name is Lauren and I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2018!
I completed a Bachelors in Applied Business Tech but decided to go back to school for Physical Therapy after receiving my massage license.
Anatomy is one of my favorite things to learn about and it gets amazingly interesting the deeper I dive!
In my off time, I love a good scary movie and baking cookies in-between the scary parts or find me on a trivia night.

Gabriel Prado

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Martial Arts Instructor, Self-Defense Instructor, Hatha-Yoga Instructor, Body Transformation, Self-Defense Specialist, and professionally trained to give stretch exercises to manipulate body’s soft tissue to help release body stress and pain. He strongly believes that you look good on the outside when you feel good on the inside. It is the reason Gabriel takes you on a journey with a unique approach to transforming your body and mind

Gabriel has made a mark on the fitness community in Virginia and Gilbert/Mesa over the past 25 years.

Jordan Graham

My name is Jordan, I’ve been a Licensed Massage Therapist for 10years! I’ve had a passion for health and wellness since I was a kid, growing up watching families deal with healing after life comes our way.. In my 10 years of being an LMT, I’ve had a chance to learn a lot from many great teachers and mentors about the body and some of what it takes to keep us on our toes while moving and grooving. I started my stretch journey over the last few years, seeing first how it improved my work as a massage therapist.. then see how effective it has been keeping myself and clients able to not only keep up with our day to day but to make steady improvements on the way we get back into the world. I know the power of stretch for our physical selves as well as our emotional and spiritual selves! I can’t wait to get a chance to see how we can use stretching to improve our lives together!

Real Estate - Site Selection

iFlex franchise uses a master broker to assist you in finding your retail location. The master broker will ensure that your location will meet the target market for your iFlex franchise. In addition, the master broker will assist you with negotiating lease terms, and answer any other questions you may have. The master broker is focused on you as the tenant and not the developer so there is no conflict of interest. As a new franchisee, this is your first step in finding a location for your iFlex franchise. We will utilize detailed mapping and demographics to assist you in your site search and advise you through the final lease documentation. The ideal site is 1000 to 1500 square feet in a retail center with great views in major traffic areas.

Construction & Equipment

Once your lease is signed, your next step is to hire an architect to create your iFlex Studio plans for the space. A member of the corporate team will assist you with an initial layout for your architect. In addition you will have a detailed construction spec book, with all specifications of the construction, including paint, flooring, furniture, and fixtures. Your architect will have all of the information they need to draw up your plans which will be reviewed and approved by the corporate team.

iFlex believes that each studio should provide the same experience, so our design specifications are also included for your studio.


We are with you every step of the way with on-line checklists through our corporate intranet system FlexNet, with a complete process to ensure nothing gets missed as you complete the build out of your studio.


iFlex provides complete operations training to prepare you for a successful opening of your iFlex Stretch Studio. The training will cover all aspects of operations including, but not limited to; Studio Management and POS system, stretching services, sales, marketing, and review of FlexNet. You will have a member from the corporate and/or RD team to support you on your opening day.

Business Systems

The iFlex operations manual will detail the key business systems needed to open, operate and grow your iFlex Franchise Studio. Including everything you will need from the day you sign your franchise agreement to opening and continued operations. All programs, processes and procedures are located at your fingertips in our on-line franchise management system; FlexNet.


Our comprehensive marketing manual and local marketing programs and guidelines will also guide you on how to market to your protected territory. All marketing materials, images and editable digital ads our located in FlexNet. In addition, the national website will include your Studio level “microsite” so you can localize your web presence and messaging.


Our suite of technology solutions will help you establish, manage and grow your business. The point of sale system will help you manage your business from a revenue, scheduling and client utilization standpoint. Your point of sale data will be imported into our core business review to help you grow your business to meet and exceed your revenue goals. The FlexNet Support Portal is the online tool that gives you access to all training, forms, policies, and manuals needed to operate and grow your business.