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Intelligent Assessment

Knowing your unique pattern of restriction is important in order to release tension and balance each person's joint motion. It is very common to have one side of the body tighter than the other

Skilled Assisted Stretching

One of the most profound advances in stretching is the evolution of resisted stretching. Studies find that offering resistance while stretching makes a huge difference in the success of the stretch

Kinesio-Taping Support

Kinesio taping is a specialized tape that is soft, flexible, and very stretchy. When we apply kinesio tape to an area, it gently draws the two ends of that area together.


Owners and Founding Members

60 Years Franchise Experience

Steve Colmar

Chief Executive Officer - 13 years

James Adelman

President - 12 years

Julian Colmar

Chief Financial Officer - 13 years

Lyle Myers

Chief Development Officer - 17 years

Craig Colmar

General Counsel - 9 years

Sean Riehl

Vice President – Training - 2 years

Our Mission at
iFlex Stretch Studios


2021 – February

iFlex Stretch Studios was founded in Scottsdale, Arizona

Founded by Steve and Craig Colmar (co-founders of The Joint Chiropractic (Nasdaq: JYNT) and James Adelman (#1 revenue franchisee for The Joint Chiropractic

Joined by Sean Riehl – a nationally recognized neuromuscular therapy expert of massage and bodywork.

Began extensive competitive analysis of assisted stretching models across the USA
2021 – March
2021 – April

Create a more innovative option that includes a more private and professional setting

Build a more thorough, comprehensive, personal flexibility assessment before and after each stretch routine Customized to each client’s needs.

Began location search across Arizona
2021 – June
2021 – October
Secured lease for first iFlex Stretch Studio in Chandler, AZ
Began construction on first site
2021 – December
2022 – February
First iFlex Stretch Studio soft opening in Chandler, AZ
iFlex Stretch Studios Grand Opening
2022 – March
2022 – May
Began creation of the Franchise Disclosure Document
Awarded 23 Licenses for Northern Virginia Region Development
December - 2022
April - 2023
Awarded 27 Licenses for Houston Region Development
Awarded 27 Licenses for Dallas Region Development
April - 2023
April - 2023
Awarded 26 Licenses for Austin/San Antonio Region Development
Awarded 19 Licenses for Florida Gulf Coast Region Development
May - 2023
June - 2023
Awarded 19 Licenses for South Bay/San Jose Region Development
Awarded 3 Franchise Licenses in Houston TX
July - 2023
August - 2023
Awarded 3 Franchise Licenses in Naples FL
Awarded 23 Licenses for Arizona Region Development
September - 2023
October - 2023
Awarded 1 Franchise License in Fort Worth TX
Awarded 20 Licenses for Utah/Idaho & Spokane WA Region Development
October - 2023