Why Assisted Stretching Franchises are the Best Recurring Revenue Model

Why Assisted Stretching Franchises are the Best Recurring Revenue Model

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As more people begin stepping away from the 9 – 5 grind and looking for ways to earn an income and live on their terms, franchises have steadily climbed in popularity, which is understandable. Franchises are popular for those just dipping their toes in business ownership or looking for alternatives to traditional employment. On the other hand, because franchises provide some degree of the initial work already done for you, they come with an upfront startup cost that may dissuade some entry-level participation. 

For those who do decide to explore franchise ownership, there are a few interesting trends that you should consider, especially if you are still on the fence about what type of business you are looking to start.

Franchising has seen stable growth on average, but among the different types of franchises, the growth rate has displayed some stunning outliers. Entrepreneur recently crunched the numbers on their vast stockpile of franchise data, pulling together a 5-year look back at the trends in franchising. Two categories stood out for their markedly higher growth rate. While most franchise categories appreciated at roughly 8% to 11 % over five years, the tech and health & wellness sectors experienced a 52% – 55% growth rate.

Edith Wiseman of FRANdata also points out that health and wellness is introducing new areas for doing business that have never existed in a franchise model before, creating new opportunities for franchisees and consumers.

As Wiseman sees it, “They’re touching on medical services, which is a key component to this. Chiropractic services have exploded. Now, you’re seeing things like infusion therapy and stem cell therapy. There’s a whole category of business types that are growing very quickly in the health and wellness space.”

If you have considered entering the health & wellness industry, now may be the perfect time to leap! iFlex Stretch Studios, for example, is the newest concept from the founders of The Joint Chiropractic, who already know what it takes to succeed in business and franchising. iFlex Stretch Studios will set a new standard in professional health & wellness services, serving clients who seek affordable and effective assisted stretching services to ease their body’s sore muscles and joints.

As a prospective iFlex franchise owner, you will be part of a rapidly growing health and wellness segment emphasizing injury prevention and holistic care. Your clients will benefit from specialized techniques designed to improve flexibility and range of motion, ease pain, and recover mobility loss due to injury or age.


The Assisted Stretching Franchise Advantage

The health & wellness sector couldn’t be hotter, and iFlex Stretch Studios is poised to fill an under-served need in the community.

Health & wellness is a booming $52 Billion market in the United States. 79% of consumers believe that personal wellness is important in their lives, and 42% rank it as a top priority. Considering 1 in 5 adults will be passing the age of 65 years old by 2030, there is likely never going to be a perfect storm like the current opportunity available right now. Enthusiasm like this leads industry experts to estimate that the global wellness market could climb to more than $1.5 trillion.

Reasonable Investment Requirements

By becoming an owner of your iFlex Stretch Studio Franchise, you will go into business for yourself, but not by yourself. The iFlex team provides you with everything you need for success! You will get hands-on support, the latest cutting-edge technology, in-depth operations training, and Stretch Therapist training. iFlex Studio offers a low franchise fee

low opening costs, and low build-out costs so you can get started quickly: 

iFlex Franchise Fee – $39,000

Investment Range – $167,350 – $293,450

Lucrative Recurring Revenue Streams

As an iFlex franchise owner, you will benefit from multiple recurring revenue streams. You earn the initial revenue from your core offering, an assisted stretching session at your iFlex Studio. You’ll be able to deliver a top-notch experience enhanced by a professionally designed interior space to put clients at ease and encourage them to sign up for regularly scheduled services. This customer commitment can translate into consistent membership-based revenue, personal sessions, and package deals.

  • Core Offerings: Assisted stretching sessions
  • Membership Revenue: Monthly or annual plans
  • Additional Income: Personal session packages, wellness products

By aligning with the iFlex Stretch Studios franchise, you will position yourself at the forefront of a unique wellness niche, with support from professionals with a proven commitment to preventing injuries and easing body soreness through professional stretching techniques.


Solid Support Structure

iFlex Franchise is committed to providing a comprehensive support structure to ensure the success of each franchisee. From thorough training programs to ongoing operational support and robust marketing assistance, you will have the tools needed for growth and stability in the health and wellness industry.

Training Programs

iFlex Stretch Studios will also provide operations training to set your launch up for success. You will learn all aspects of iFlex Stretch Studio operations including Studio Management and POS system, stretching services, sales, marketing, and review of FlexNet. You will have an experienced member from the corporate or RD team providing hands-on support to assist your business.

Low-Cost Operation

The service nature of this business means there is limited inventory to stock, limited storage needs, low overhead, and low concerns about theft. 

Ready to get started? Check out the details below:

iFlex Studio Franchise

The iFlex Stretch Studio franchise offer is a solid offer on its own. The new franchises will offer affordable, professional assisted stretching services to help clients overcome injury and stay limber.

As a franchise owner, you’ll receive: 

  • Hands-On Support
  • State-Of-The-Art Technology
  • In-Depth Operations Training
  • Stretch Therapist Training
  • Opportunity to Expand to Additional Locations

This niche concept is different enough to stand out but sensible enough to have value for a broad customer base. By offering a franchise model the company makes it abundantly clear that they anticipate substantial growth in the years to come. This is an amazing way to start your own business that is set up for recurring revenue in the years to come.

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